Espace 10-4

E S P A C E  10-4
is  reclaiming space for reflection, dream and conception in an environment alienating our human behaviour (10-4. space)


Meant to create a space for a different view, communicating in short sketchy moves on the go.
And also: 10 days display – 4 days transition


E S P A C E  10-4  is best experienced in real life – not virtually
All shows are made on the spot, in a matter of a few days – every second week
They are meant to be fast and snappy.. 10-4.. got it.


Do not expect to see much of our coming shows – we do not know.
It is the deadline that defines them.


Please visit our current location: Pilestræde 37 – Copenhagen

Only two events left at that location!



and again

running 10 days