a light room – e=mc2



Space time, is our modern perception of the universe (e=mc2)
Light by its speed, is defining space – the meter is now determined by the speed of light.
Ligth is related to time as well – converting space to time.

Still, we do not realy know what light is.

Only, that it reveals a certain reality to us, as we perceive the reflections we then embody as reality.
But only by embodying.
Dark holes, attract so densely, that not even light escapes.
But only mass is attracted, not what is so light, that it has no mass.


But why bother – when you can shop?

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Also thanks to people peeing into the display and smearing pizza on our window – we love Copenhagen

sponsored death – in a glimpse

right to the bone


sponsored death is yet another display, which is best experienced i real life (!)

Displaying the ingratitude to life, that we would not dare to show death.

Or the other way around, revering death.

Why not make a buck out of dying? Sponsor your death, while you’re at it?

Life is precious – death is not at all. it is not.






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killing man or beast – an art window

killing man or beast


is about our disregard for life and about how we somehow allow ourselves to follow patterns, leaders or structures that lead us away from it

–  about Easter, in remembrance

–  about how certain ideas of reality invade our mental and physical space



Special thanks to Rikke from Christiania riding school for providing room for Oscar, and to Annabel for taking so heartly care of him

killing man or beast – invitation

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our first appearance for 10-4.space in Pilestræde 37.
We look forward to seeing you on April 6th at 5 pm.
Please find our invitation below.

Sincerely yours,
Pernille and François

omen of things to come


I was born suddenly
with no reason
As a cross-over
of lust and love
By the time
it happened,
it makes sense

This was not art
It happened
No explanation required
Slowly it makes sense
from everything else
For love and lust
are the same fabric
Longing – repeating it self

I was born
making sense
The idea rose that it could have been different
Repeating love and lust,
it could be different

By the time
you read this
it seemed ambiguous
as it happens
words merely reflecting
what had happened


it is yours

to keep

and treasure